Our service offering entails the enhancement of workforce capabilities through effective job profiling, job evaluation (grading), skills analysis, planning and management.

We advise clients on the most effective training and development strategies to improve their human resource competencies and accelerate the achievement of their human capital objectives, aligned with their business goals. This includes guiding organisations to implement the required structures and functions for the most targeted results.

We connect stakeholders by advising them on the implementation of the appropriate HR strategies, policies and processes in terms of relevant legislative requirements and leading practice pertaining to performance management system development, implementation, and support. Legislation such as the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, relating to equal pay for work of equal value, and other HR legislation and labour law are taken into account to ensure that value is added in a sustainable manner.

Our services are rendered in accordance with our values of integrity, respect, quality, and compliance.

JEMS - Services offered by JEMS - South Africa


Let’s get your organisation running smoothly from the inside out by establishing the most effective HR solutions for you.

Aligning job descriptions/profiles with organisational

Job analysis/profiling: Developing job/role descriptions

Job evaluation: Grading jobs in accordance with job evaluation systems, such as the Paterson Job Evaluation System

Training staff in relevant HR functions such as job profiling and job evaluation (principles and specific grading systems)

Compiling and presenting reports to stakeholders, such as the Board, EXCO, Manco, and staff representative bodies

Facilitating project and progress meetings and reporting

Facilitating job profiling committee and/or job evaluation committee meetings

Developing job evaluation and other HR policies and procedures in accordance with leading practice and legislative requirements

Project management: Including project planning, setup, and communication, such as consulting with project team members, relevant client–company representatives, and staff/union representatives


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