The Consultant, Albert Dall, has extensive knowledge and experience, providing customised, integrated, and practical solutions regarding mainly human resources management processes to my clients.

We understand the importance of aligning structure and job profiles in a manner conducive to other HR and organisational development processes, such as job evaluation, remuneration, and talent management.

We strive to forge partnerships with our clients to provide best practice solutions, quality services, and ongoing support, enhancing organisational performance through improved and effective HR systems, policies and procedures.

This enables organisations to attract and retain the best fit, and to motivate the right talent to achieve their business objectives.


Albert Dall is committed to assist clients in achieving a functional, well-rounded human resources environment in which employees and employers are equipped to thrive in competitive circumstances. The Consultant aim to treat your employees fairly and equitably. To this end, it is imperative to develop job descriptions/profiles that correctly reflect what is expected of incumbents, as this affects other HR processes such as the job grade and remuneration.

We are dedicated to offering strategically and operationally tailored solutions. As highly qualified and experienced specialist, the Consultant is committed to optimising hisclients’ investments in human capital. His reputation is not only delivering on hiscommitment but also exceeding it, focusing on the needs of valued clients while complying with leading practice and relevant legislation.


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